Activities Open Source Novaday


On this page, we get to know more about some Novaday Repositories on GitHub that have been published as open source.

Flutter Event Calendar

Honestly, one of the best Flutter calendars that also supports the “Jalali Calendar”. the calendar supports both weekly and monthly views. Almost every element and feature in this calendar is customizable.


This package is made to make the data evaluation process (Validation) in Flutter faster and easier. Pay attention to the example in front. The input string must be entered (mandatory), numeric, and between 2000 and 6000.

Flutter Media Picker

A package for choosing Telegram-like media for Flutter. Using this package, you can have a Media Picker similar to Telegram (along with opening the camera momentarily) in your Flutter program.

Vue OTP input

A highly customizable input component for implementing objectives such as password entry or authentication code input in Vue.js projects.

Nova Kudos

As part of our social responsibility efforts, one of the company’s projects, fully implemented by the Nova College team (both Back-end and Flutter), has been open-sourced on Novaday’s GitHub repository. Nava Kudos is an online system developed to promote a culture of appreciation and gratitude.