Nova Access

Nova Access is a new product by Novaday, a cloud-based platform for controlling access to shared office spaces, managing reservations, and scheduling meeting rooms and conferences. It is made of aluminum and is available in two colors, black and silver.



Using the Nova Access device and its accompanying software available on Web, Android, and iOS platforms, you can organize your workspace efficiently. Control door locks remotely and grants access to specific team members. View the meeting room schedule and reserve it for specific times, notifying the attendees about the scheduled meetings.


Aluminum body is available in black, silver, and white colors.

Minimalistic design in both the physical device and software interface

Adjustable angle up to 30 degrees for optimal viewing angle

Team introduction and access level configuration

Introduction of spaces, control, and restriction of door lock access

View the working calendar of each room and reserve rooms

View Working calendar and Personal scheduling with meeting notifications



Have no worries about installing the device on partitions, walls, or desks. Simply contact our consultants and explain your requirements. The best and most standard solutions will be presented to you, and upon approval, the Nova Access installation team will install the device for you.


If you use Google Calendar or Microsoft Teams, you can synchronize your Access sessions and events calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams to avoid any time conflicts when scheduling meetings.

(Coming soon)


You have access to all office spaces anytime and anywhere through the website and mobile application, where you can manage them. The application is bilingual (Persian/English) and available in both dark and light themes for your convenience. Moreover, the devices and mobile/web applications can be set in different time zones without any complexity or time conflicts.

Mobile version

You can download the latest mobile version using the following links: iOS users can access their dedicated webpage through the provided link.


We are available for all customers from Sunday to Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, through online and phone support. Additionally, we provide 24/7 assistance via the ticketing system. After installing the device, comprehensive training will be provided to managers and employees of the company.

Order Purchase

For price inquiries, placing an order, or any consultation, you can contact our sales department at the following number. All software, hardware, and physical installation consultations are provided by Novaday. The delivery and installation time may vary between 2 to 8 working weeks depending on different conditions.

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